3 Deep Learning Tools For Your Resume

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3 Deep Learning Tools For Your Resume

March 10, 2019 | Michael Howard

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There’s a lot of talk about deep learning nowadays. Like many of the technological buzz words of our day, it is tossed about quite frequently. And this is good. It brings to the surface the idea, benefits and potential of the technology. But it can be detrimental too. When it is used frequently and in multiple ecosystems, some of us become cynical and doubt the validity of its usefulness. It becomes watered down. We associate it with just a marketing ploy. And there is some truth to this perception.

Despite its fad status, deep learning is a very real, science-based discipline that yields powerful, real-life tools. Tools that have very practical business applications. Because of these practical applications, corporations are often the primary users of the technology.

Deep Learning and Applicant Tracking Systems

One such tool is Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Corporations have been using this tool as early as 1989 to process job applicant resumes. Today there are over 300 ATS products to choose from. It would be inaccurate to report all are deep learning based. But those worth their mud are.

Even more recently we’ve been introduced to Resume Optimization Tools. These are tools used by candidates to talk nicely with the ATS systems in order to achieve optimal ranking among other applicant’s resumes.

I’d like to share three deep learning tools that are readily available and harness the power of deep learning. With them, you have the leading edge in today’s job market to optimize your resume and chance for an interview.

Let’s first discuss what deep learning is.

What is Deep Learning

To put simply, deep learning is a system of individual machine learning nodes that work together. As an analogy, think of an orchestra that is made up by the brass section, percussion section, string section, etc. The conductor calls upon each section to play their part as the overall musical composition. This is deep learning.

In this example, each section – such as the percussion section – is a machine learning node. If you are unfamiliar with machine learning, it is simply computer algorithms that use probability and pattern recognition to learn a subject, such as language or music. Back to our deep learning example, the percussion section has used this method to compile the most accurate and appropriate percussion piece for the individual musical measure it is assigned. The conductor calls upon the percussion section, it performs its duties, then awaits to be called upon again.

More rudimentary ATS systems and Resume Optimization tools only use machine learning. The better ones use deep learning, calling upon multiple machine learning algorithms. Here are three resume tools for your resume that use deep learning.

Deep Learning Tool Grammarly

The first is Grammarly. This tool monitors the words you write and corrects for grammar, spelling, style and tone. For a resume, this is most important for the human reader, however, related to spelling, it is vital words are spelled correctly for ATS system to flag them as a keyword.

Deep Learning Tool TargetMyResume

Next is TargetMyResume.com. This tool extracts keywords and phrases from a job posting then suggests them for your resume. You choose which to use, then with the click of a button, it merges them directly into your resume. Using deep learning to call upon multiple machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, it is a must-have for applying to specific jobs.

Deep Learning Tool LinkedIn

Finally, there is LinkedIn. Yes, LinkedIn. Once you have filled out your profile that includes jobs, skills and accomplishments, LinkedIn calls on multiple machine learning and artificial intelligent systems to suggest jobs for you. The suggestions are based upon many systems and are invaluable in your job search efforts.

With these three tools you have the power of deep learning at your fingertips. It’s up to you to harness and leverage them so you have the edge in your next job search.