How AI Has Spawned A Resume Revolution

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How AI Has Spawned A Resume Revolution

March 31, 2019 | Michael Howard

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Some of the most dramatic revolutions in history have one thing in common. Sudden change. Or more precisely, sudden fundamental change. The first noted revolution is the Neolithic revolution circa 10000 BC when civilization began to farm. Not the typical revolution that comes to mind, but the sudden fundamental change was real. Daily life went from hunting and gathering to agriculture and settlement.

Of course, sudden is relative. Most people would associate revolutions with violent political uprisings or coups d’états. But in the context of history sudden can mean months or even years. On July 3, 2013, Egypt experienced a sudden and fundamental change when its military removed the country’s president, suspended the constitution and enacted military rule. According to the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED), 739 deaths have been attributed to political violence since the initial event. History may well say the revolution continues.

The Resume Revolution Begins

Using this same definition, a resume revolution is well underway. The coups d’état occurred on May 8, 1989 when David Sobotka et al. applied for a United States patent titled “Method and apparatus for automatic categorization of applicants from resumes.” This is the day a sudden and fundamental change occurred in how employers processed resumes. They leveraged a subset version of Artificial Intelligence (AI) called Natural Language Processing (NLP) to “learn” or apply reason to a resume in order to categorize the content.

The Ongoing Resume Revolution

Since 1989, the revolution has continued with periodic spikes in AI and NLP technology. These surgent upheavals of technology are the little pockets of knowledge that drive the overall fundamental change forward. Most of us wouldn’t know there are over 25 skirmishes across 4 categories that any single NLP program must overcome in processing a resume. These skirmishes include lemmatization, morphological segmentation, lexical semantics, sentiment analysis and coreference resolution to name a few. Innovations in these areas are sudden and fundamental, thereby driving the revolution forward.

The Effects of A Resume Revolution

To relate this to you and I, let’s talk how we apply for a job. There is a pre-revolution way we did this and a post-revolution way we do it now. Before the resume revolution, we would create a resume at some point in our career and keep it on file. As our career progressed, so our resume grew. The wise advice was to keep it updated so little work would be needed when we apply for a job. The resume was static, but for periodic updates. We’d then use this single resume to submit to multiple jobs.

Enter today. Yes, we have a single resume. But this is our template. It lists our experience, our skills our accomplishments. But the difference from pre-revolution is, we now use this single resume as the beginning canvas. From it, we leverage AI and NLP to paint the most precisely job-matched resume that data science and machine learning provides.

If you haven’t joined the post-revolution resume movement, then you are sadly stuck with the old regime. The good news is, it’s a people’s revolution, so you are welcome to join. We have overcome the oppression and limited opportunities that using a static, non-targeted resume affords us. Now doors have opened and opportunities abound with this new method.

The Resume Tool For You

It would be a disservice to not share with you the tool available to target your resume using AI and NLP. This tool is It uses data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing to extract keywords from a job posting and merge them directly into your resume. You choose which keywords to merge. Then with a click of the button, the keywords are merged. You can download or email your new, targeted resume.

Join us. We are many. We are proud and growing. We have joined the resume revolution by using AI and NLP to create a targeted resume. Now we are free from the oppression and limitations of a static resume and opportunities are wide open. We can finally get the job we want.