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New AI Bot Customizes Your Resume

March 3, 2019 | Michael Howard

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In the spring of 1989 four men applied for US patent US5197004A. The title of the patent was “Method and apparatus for automatic categorization of applicants from resumes.” Heading the group was founder and Chief Technology Officer of Resumix, Inc., David Sobotka.

In the application for patent, Sobotka outlined the reasoning behind the invention. He recognized the extensive knowledge required by a professional recruiter to appropriately categorize an applicant to understand if they can perform a job. After listing the many years required to gain this experience, he summarized a recruiter’s job is to “identify which skills are accurate descriptions of the applicant’s talent and which are just ‘fluff’ to inflate the applicant’s resume.”

Birth of Application Tracking Systems (ATS)

He proposed an expert computer system that would “simulate the categorization skills of an experienced recruiter.” He introduced an “artificially intelligent [system] capable of analyzing resumes and extracting information relating to job categorization.”

And so, the modern Application Tracking System (ATS) was born.

The primary path of this invention has been in the corporate world. Originating in the corporate world, it basically stayed there. Meaning, the technology is used by companies to categorize job resumes it receives. In fact, Capterra reports 75% of large companies use some form of ATS system.

AI Resume Customization Bot

Now this same technology can be used in reverse, by candidates. The tool is

How it works is, the same ATS technology described above is used to analyze the posted job description. It extracts job categorization key words using artificial intelligence, then suggests them to the candidate. The candidate has the choice of adding them to his or her resume.

As an added benefit, this customization is done with the click of a button. finds the appropriate location to merge the words and *poof* it is done. This frees up the candidate’s time to keep one resume as a template, then customize multiple resumes, tailored to the job applied.

The New Way To Apply For A Job

With the proliferation of artificial intelligence in our daily lives, it is no wonder this technology is being adapted to consumer use. By doing so, it levels the playing field for all job applicants. It won’t take long for this technology to become the new norm as the method to apply for jobs.

As such, it’s recommended you use it and learn it now. Don’t be left behind. You can visit at