How Creating a Targeted Resume Will Get You The Job You Want In 2019

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How Creating a Targeted Resume Will Get You The Job You Want In 2019
How Creating a Targeted Resume Will Get You The Job You Want In 2019

January 21, 2019 | Michael Howard

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Today is Sue’s first day at her new job. She recently graduated from college with a Communications degree and was hired as a Human Resources Generalist at a manufacturing plant. She’s a little nervous because she’s only one of a three people in the department. For a company with over 500 employees, she’s worried she’s joined a team that is understaffed, given the size of the company. She’s been told her primary responsibility will be managing the hiring process. This feels overwhelming to her because during the interview process her now-boss said they received on average 80 resumes a week.

When Sue applied for this job, she knew her inexperience could be a roadblock in getting hired. An avid learner and technically savvy, she researched best practices in creating a resume with little to no experience. That’s when she learned about targeted resumes.

What is a Targeted Resume

A targeted resume is one that is crafted specifically to match the requirements of the job applied. It can be a tedious process. A person would need to compare the requirements of the job to their own experience. Then the task is to merge -- where appropriate -- individual matching keywords, phrases and qualifications between the two documents, line-by-line.

The concept of targeted resume made sense to Sue. She understood how it could give her the edge in getting this, or any job. Many of her friends created just one resume and blasted it to as many vaguely related jobs postings as possible hoping the scorched-earth approach would yield a couple of bites.

Why the Scorched Earth Strategy Doesn’t Work

Unfortunately, this strategy yields very little results. According to, more than half of candidates are eliminated for poorly matched resumes. Employers have now leveraged deep learning, artificial intelligence and automation to screen resumes. They use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) that do all three of these tasks, and more, efficiently and economically. In fact, for those companies that do not use this system, it would speak to their development as an organization, as well over 70% of companies use them now, according to Capterra. Quite possibly, these would be the companies that would contact Sue’s friends who have flooded companies with their boilerplate resumes.

As Sue’s first-day training began, she quickly learned two things. First, her new employer uses an ATS system, so she need not worry about being overwhelmed. Literally, she only had to upload the resume to the software. In seconds it analyzed the resume against the job description, applied a score to the resume and then ranked it among the others received. As hiring coordinator, she merely picked the best scoring and ranked resumes to interview. That simple.

Why Targeted Resumes Work

Secondly, she realized how her original research helped her get this job. She had learned a targeted resume would help her overcome her limited experience by compressing the experience she did have to significantly match the job posting. As a bonus, she found which is an online resume tool that did just that, but with just the click of a button.

Feeling slightly self-conscious about it but justifying it with the need to understand how it works, she looked at her own resume in the ATS system. Sure enough, she found her resume was scored highly and ranked among the top 3 applicants. had done its job.

Only Submit Targeted Resumes

If you are a job applicant like Sue who needs help overcoming lack of experience or a seasoned professional seeking a new attractive opportunity, creating a targeted resume is no longer a suggestion, it is a requirement. ATS systems are not going away. 94% of HR professionals report the software has improved their hiring process, according to Capterra. With that high of satisfaction rate, it is here to stay.

Be like Sue. Get the job. Create a targeted resume. Use