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How To Get Employers To Target Your Resume

May 11, 2019 | Michael Howard

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It’s not an easy task to get a job. Even now, with a booming economy, low unemployment and job growth on the rise, it’s not a slam-dunk. Competition among candidates is just as prevalent as it was when the job market wasn’t as robust. Candidates are getting smarter, technology is getting better and employers are just as picky as ever. So how can you set yourself apart from the masses?

Target your resume.

It seems like a play on words to say you must target your resume if you want your resume to be targeted. But the fact is, it’s as simple as that. Let’s explore why this is the case.

A Targeted Resume And The Hiring Manager

For a moment, put your self in the place of the hiring manager. Talk to anyone who has filled this role and they will tell you a qualified candidate’s resume stand’s out from the moment they lay eyes on it. Ask them why, it’s hard to nail them down, because it seems like intuition. They’ll say things like “It just does,” or “I can just tell.” But carefully reviewing the resume with them, it’s revealed that it is a select set of keywords that stand out to them. “Here, he says this, which is what we do here.” “I like what he says here, it is our industry standard. We don’t do that here yet, but his experience in it will help us get there.”

Keywords Is Key With A Targeted Resume

So, it’s keywords. But not so fast. Not just any keywords. It’s the keywords that are common between the candidate and the job.

Here it would be easy to say, “Yes, of course. That’s the purpose of a resume, to highlight the qualifications and experience of a candidate as it relates to a job. What’s the big secret here?” The big secret is twofold. First, the words used on your resume must do more than just highlight your qualifications, they must match the requirements. Second, they must match in the same way they are used by the employer. This includes context they are used, frequency and location on your resume.

Example of Why A Targeted Resume Matters

Here’s an example. Say you are a Product Manager. You have experience as a Product Manager with a software product that has a hardware component to it. So, you list on your resume under the experience section how your software abilities were a major skillset in successfully managing the roadmap of the product and name-drop the various tools used in this capacity.

In this example, there are several pitfalls. First, if the job requirement is more about ensuring the correct hardware is integrated into the product for compatibility reasons and software is merely in service to this, you’d want to list the software skill set in the skills section and spend valuable resume space on explaining your hardware knowledge. Another pitfall is which software tools to name-drop, ensuring they are the ones listed on the job posting.

Although the correct placement of keywords within your resume can affect the effectiveness of it, it is that the correct keywords are used that is most important. Here, the job posting is the source of whether a keyword is the correct one or not.

Create Targeted Resume Using

The most accurate and easiest method to ensure the keywords on your resume match the job posting is to use online tools that do this for you. is one such tool. Using data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, this tool extracts keywords from the job posting and merges them directly into your resume with the click of a button.

What A Targeted Resume Gets You

With the use of online tools to match keywords and an understanding how to target your resume, your resume will stand out to the hiring manager. And with the use of applicant tracking systems nowadays that filter out resumes for the lack of keywords, your sticking to these methods will help your resume get passed the filter and be seen by the hiring manager.

You couldn’t ask for anything more than that. Well, other than, the job itself. But I’ll leave that to you. I have all the confidence you’ll get it. Afterall, your resume proves it.