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Learn The Mechanics Of A Perfect Resume

February 25, 2019 | Michael Howard

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I’ve used two job search strategies in my career. The first is scorched earth. This is where I create one resume and spray it about like a pressurized garden hose being whipped around in a frenzy of water and motion. With this strategy, I use the same resume for all the jobs I apply to. And the jobs I select are not targeted. They are ones I hope to get and even sometimes the ones I want. My second approach has been for the jobs I specifically want. With this strategy, I scrub my resume and the job posting line-by-line, word-for-word, to craft a perfect resume.

Thanks to today’s technology, I can use a little bit of both strategies.

The Benefits of Dual Resume Strategies

The scorched earth approach does have benefits. The key ingredient to this strategy is a single resume that can be used again and again. My time is spent distributing the resume, not working on it. My capacity has increased. More time distributing, less time crafting.

On the other hand, the effectiveness of a targeted resume cannot be disputed. Although my capacity has decreased, my time is well spent tailoring the content of my resume to better reflect how perfectly and uniquely qualified I am for that specific job.

So, the perfect resume is one that I can do both.

Let’s Create The Perfect Resume

The mechanics of doing this is straight forward. The first step is to have a resume template. This is simply one resume to start with. The most effective templates are ones that are tailored to a career field. If my career had several twists and turns, perhaps more than one template is needed. If this is the case, I have one for each career field.

Most of us already have this first step complete. Our basic resume is stored on our computer or the cloud. Step one is complete.

The Perfect Online Resume Tool

My next step is to use an online resume tool that stores this template and tailors it to numerous jobs. TargetMyResume.com is such a tool. I upload my resume. I paste the job advertisement. The website uses data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence to suggest keywords and phrases extracted from the job advertisement. With the click of a button, it merges the ones I have selected. I either download or have this targeted resume emailed to me. Done.

With this new technology, the mechanics of creating a perfect resume is automated. My original resume is stored on the site. I am able to select “Use Resume On File” and paste the next job advertisement. It again uses technology to craft the perfect resume, relative the job I am applying. I click the button, another targeted resume complete. On to the next.

What a Perfect Resume Will Get You

The perfect resume is at my fingertips. Even better, it’s automated. Even better yet, it available to use again and again for every job I am applying to. The result is, my resume will be scored and ranked higher among other applicants due to the power of artificial intelligence. I will have increased capacity to distribute my resume to more jobs. Doors of opportunity will open where they previously were closed.

It’s a whole new world out there. It’s time you get the job you want. Technology now helps you get it.