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What A Resume Optimization Tool Will Do For You

January 28, 2019 | Michael Howard

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All of us have faced unemployment at one time or other. Whether self-imposed or involuntary, it can be a harrowing time. When our source of income is cut-off, fear of poverty and homelessness can overcome even the more seasoned professional.

After the initial jolt, we begin the job search process. This isn’t the most warm, fuzzy feeling either. As we submit resumes and do not receive a reply, our initial fear intensifies. It’s an emotional time.

As time goes on without an interview, we start loosening our hard-fast rules. In the beginning we said we wouldn’t ask our friends if they have openings at their job. Now we do. We said we’d only apply for a certain level job. We began applying for lower-level ones. And so, it begins. The downward spiral of desperation.

Fortunately, there are tools that can help.

What is Resume Optimization

Arguably the most effective tool for increasing your chance of being called for an interview is a Resume Optimization tool. If you haven’t heard of this, it’s understandable, it’s an emerging technology. Basically, a Resume Optimization tool evaluates your resume against the job you are applying. It identifies the keywords, phrases, skills, experience and education from the job posting then compares them to the ones listed in your resume.

Historic Perspective

In the beginning, this tool’s output was simply an optimization score. This was a representation of how well your resume was optimized against the job requirements. You would upload your resume, paste the job advertisement, then receive your score. Your next step was to revise your resume based upon your score, then resubmit to see your improved score. And so on. Rinse and repeat until you had a high enough score.

As technology continues to evolve, so do the tools. Now tools such as TargetMyResume.com offer the automation of extracting and merging the relevant keywords from the job posting directly into your resume with a click of a button.

So, how does this help?

Do They Really Help?

It helps tremendously. According to TopResume.com, more than half of candidates are eliminated from a job due to Applicant Tracking System (ATS). ATS systems are the computer programs employers use to evaluate resumes. Resume Optimization tools are the kryptonite to ATS systems.

To understand what a Resume Optimization tool will do for you, it helps to know the technology and its history.

The Technology Behind it All

It began with the initial advent of ATS systems. These started as simple automation tools for employers who needed a way to organize the resumes they received. The early ATS systems parsed the words from a resume so they could extract the candidates name, job applied, date received. That helped in managing resumes, as they would “track” that candidate, and all others, as they progressed through the hiring process.

Then came natural language process (NLP). Here, machine learning techniques were applied to “understand” the meaning of a resume’s content against the known meaning of a job’s requirements. A body of knowledge began to form. We know this as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Once a sufficient body of knowledge existed, ATS systems began to pre-screen resumes by scoring and ranking them.

Sound familiar?

That’s right, Resume Optimization tools use the exact same technology ATS systems do. And do the exact same thing - but for you, before submitting your resume to the employer. Essentially, you are pre-screening your resume just as their system would.

The Bottom Line

The results are, you do not become a statistic. You are called for an interview. In many ways, doors previously closed will now open. The mystery behind why you are not called vanish. You feel a sense of control. And freedom. You can apply for any job; none are too lofty, given this tool.

What a Resume Optimization tool will do for you is give you a chance. And these can be rare. Do not squander your chance. Use TargetMyResume.com. Do it today.