How You Will Use Artificial Intelligence in 2019 To Get the Job You Want

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How You Will Use Artificial Intelligence in 2019 To Get the Job You Want

January 7, 2019 | Michael Howard

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If you didn’t know any better, you’d think submitting a resume to the HR department of the company you are applying means they will evaluate it by reading it. Think again. Chances are, if they have an HR department, they have an applicant tracking system (ATS) that does the reading for them.

If you haven’t heard of ATS’s yet, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. According to, more than half of candidates are eliminated by applicant tracking systems. This would indicate half of all applicants do not optimize their resume to the job requirements because they simply didn’t know it would be evaluated by an ATS.

The process of optimizing a resume can be tedious. It typically involves a line-by-line comparison of the keywords, skills and phrases between the resume and job description. Then, the candidate must honestly assess their own qualifications and experiences and determine which keywords, skills and phrases they can accurately list.

Here is where artificial intelligence, machine learning and flipping the script on ATS’s will save the day.

First Step is Knowing How ATS Systems Work

Obviously the first step is knowing about ATS systems and how they work. With over 350 ATS offerings, companies have a lot of options in choosing the right ATS system for them. Among the features that differentiate one from another, all have in common the same basic feature that concerns a candidate: resume scoring.

Resume scoring is simple. Count the number of matching keywords, skills and phrases. Divide that number by the number of possible job requirement keywords, skills and phrases. That’s your score. For example if an employer has identified 100 core requirements for the job you are applying and your resume contains 33 of those, your score is 33%. Easy enough, right?

Where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Come In

So where does artificial intelligence and machine learning come in? The key is in understanding the meaning behind words. Computer programs have been created to learn (i.e., machine learning) more than just the literal meaning of a word. Programs are learning variations of the same words and alternative words that have the same meaning. The result is Artificial Intelligence.

The Advent of ATS Resume Checkers

So far, I haven’t revealed any new news. In fact, since 2016, there haven’t been many developments in this field except for the depth of learning and added features to ATS programs. Around the same time ATS programs came out, online tools began to emerge that would check your resume against job descriptions in the same way ATS’s did. These ATS Resume Checkers use many of the same computer programs ATS’s do. But this isn’t the big reveal for 2019. Similar to ATS’s, these programs merely detect and report the score, but very little in way of changing your resume to optimize it. You still needed to manually do this, like you always did.

The 2019 Game Changer

So how are things different this year? For the first time, candidates have a tool that goes beyond just checking their resume against the job description. In 2018, we launched Our online tool does all the work an ATS Resume Checker performs but takes it one step further. It extracts the Artificial Intelligent learned keywords from both the resume and job description. Then, with a click of a button, the candidate chooses which of these to merges directly into his or her resume.

What this Means

What this means is, you can now merge your resume with the job description using Artificial Intelligence with a click of a button. It also means no more tedious, line-by-line comparison between the two documents. You can build one resume, use it as a template, then just run it through our online tool for each of the jobs you apply. The power of Artificial Intelligence is now in your hands.